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The beach: a haven of health and peace

There are days when we get up, stretch and the first idea of the day is: the beach!  And ah, we realize that our mind and body is asking for a vacation now. We need to get out of the routine, breathe fresh air and relax with the whisper of the waves.

And when we are finally on the beach, enjoying the sand, the salt water and the warmth of the sun, at that precise moment, we are happy. Without realizing, the beach is helping your health and directly influencing the detoxification of your body, helping to mitigate pain and even energizing, all through its benefits.

Keep reading because we are going to tell you specifically each of its benefits.

Benefits of seawater

The sea water is warm and delicious, in addition that sway of its waves makes us feel relaxed and completely happy, but it also has healing properties that we probably had not considered.

  • It is an antibiotic and antiseptic: It helps us with the healing of the skin and provides minerals such as zinc, iodine, potassium and other trace elements that make it a natural product for the skin. In addition, it helps us relieve chronic psoriasis and dermatitis.
  • Nasal cleaning: Yes, although it sounds strange, seawater helps us with the cleaning of the nasal passages, which is why it is so beneficial for people with sinusitis or respiratory diseases.
  • Relaxing and antidepressant: The magnesium in seawater allows us to relax and calm anxiety.
  • Detoxifying: Seawater helps your body  release toxins and cleanse your body.


What about the beach sand?

The rough texture of the sand that we feel on our feet serves as an exfoliant has many benefits for our health, here are several:

  • Contributes to the cardiovascular system: When your skin touches the sand, your blood flow is renewed and this avoids discomfort such as ankle swelling.
  • Excellent exercise: Walking on the sand is much more difficult, so when you make the effort you exercise and burn more calories.
  • Natural exfoliant: Prevents the appearance of hardness in the feet.

So, as you can see, the beach is much more than just coming to enjoy its relaxing sound, its beautiful color and its waves. Every time you look at it, visit it and take advantage of it you contribute to your physical and mental health.

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