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Protected Nature Reserve
Punta Leona Nature Reserve covers 15 hectares of forest of great biological importance.
Our Punta Leona Nature Reserve covers 15 hectares of forest of great biological importance because it is one of the few areas that is in the transition zone between the dry tropical forest of the North Pacific and the humid tropical forest of the South Pacific.

To promote environmental awareness, we make day and night walks, receive school groups and university scientific studies. The Punta Leona reserve has a circuit of trails called "Gigantes", in allusion to the huge species of trees that we find in it, such as Ceibos, Guapinol, Nazarenos and Camibar,  all between 40 and 55 meters high.

The Reserve is home to about 60 species of mammals of which 30 species are bats. Also more than 200 species of birds make up the avifauna of the Refuge including:  toucans, bell birds, trogons, owls, flycatchers, saltaries and hummingbirds, which makes this site a privileged place for birdwatchers.

Amphibians and reptiles can be observed such as the great variety of leaf litter frogs, rain frogs and occasionally the red eyed frog, very scarce in the area.
Playa Blanca Marine Wetland
Considering the need to protect marine coastal ecosystems strongly threatened by pollution, urbanization and the extraction of marine species, the Playa Blanca Marine Wetland (HMPL) was recognized by executive decree 23127 MIRENEM.

The Humedal is part of the reefs and coral communities of Costa Rica, which make up the most important of the Eastern Tropical Pacific.

To protect it, we have established very specific activities of surveillance, monitoring, demarcation with buoys and environmental education.
Fishing, the extraction of natural species, the entry of pets or any type of motorized vehicle or boat in this area are prohibited.

The area is maintained by hotel staff who care for the cleaning, safety, quality of water for human consumption, quality of seawater, placement of garbage dumps and access for the disabled.

Within the actions of preservation of the Wetland, the hotel has established agreements with universities to continuously study the conditions. Studies have shown that the marine culture of Punta Leona is rich and varied, even supporting species that are no longer found in other places with coral reefs. In Punta Leona we welcome scientific studies and recommendations to improve the state of Humedal.
Ecological Blue Flag Program

Thanks to the efforts we make to maintain a respectful development with the environment, we are leaders in the Ecological Blue Flag Program (PBAE) in Costa Rica. This program evaluates the efforts and growth of communities in accordance with the environment. We are proud recipients of the Blue Flag in the following categories with their respective award:

  1. Playa Blanca
  2. Limoncito Beach
  3. Community of Punta Leona
  4. Punta Leona Wildlife Refuge
  5. Community Health Promotion

Health Quality Seal Program

This award evaluates the hygienic-environmental efforts and the quality of the drinking water service for human consumption carried out by hotel companies and restaurants.  The distinctive of the program is the green flag, which we have in earned in:

  1. Hotel and Club Punta Leona
  2. Carabelas Restaurant
  3. León Marino Restaurant
  4. Playa Blanca Restaurant

Certification for Tourism Sustainability (CST)

The CST is an incentive that is granted to hotels that develop environmental practices in their usual operation. It is a seal of quality that accredits tourism companies that integrate the environmental factor in their work: management of natural resources, waste management, management of water for human consumption, ecological promotion, preservation of the environment, cultural promotion, among others.
Lapas live streaming

Here you can find the link to see live streaming from our lapas.