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Young Explorers

The ability to be surprised is an unmatched characteristic in children. That is why at Punta Leona we think of creating visual and participatory experiences in contact with nature.

Butterfly Garden, a fragile and colorful world

Whether accompanied by one of our guides or with the family, children will be able to learn about the life cycle of butterflies, their importance in the ecosystem and the fragility of their nature. In our butterfly farm we have more than 20 species and in their different stages of life.

Prior reservation at the Hotel Reception.

Mermaid Experience

Discover a different, fun and magical way to swim and discover the wonders of the ocean. This course basically consists of imitating the underwater skills of mermaids, with the team and direction of internationally certified professionals.

PADI Discover Mermaid Experience

6 years old

PADI Basic Mermaid Course

6 years old

PADI Mermaid Course

10 years old

PADI Advance Mermaid Course

12 years old

More information at the Dive Center: 8717-2883

Little Explorer Divers

Children Biologists

Kids Marine Biologists is as fun as it sounds – an opportunity for kids to blow bubbles while diving and learn about marine life. Kids who are at least 8 years old can use the scuba gear to breathe underwater and swim in shallow water.

Child must be 8 to 12 plus years of age. Children should be comfortable in the water, but no previous experience is necessary. Parental authorization is required.

Children biologists will have the opportunity to:

  • Experience scuba diving under the direct care of a PADI Professional.
  • Take your first breaths underwater at a depth of less than 2 metres/6 feet.
  • Learn how to use scuba equipment made for children – not adults.
  • Field work in Playa Blanca with a marine biologist where the participant will learn the importance of coastal marine life, protect it and who to turn to if they notice that they are damaging it. This work ends with a Snorkeling dive in Playa Blanca directed and supervised by a qualified instructor.
  • Have fun.

Guardians of the Ocean

This program is for young divers looking for a bundle of fun in a pool by completing exciting aquatic missions.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to dive with flashlights, take digital photos underwater, or effortlessly float like an astronaut? In addition to learning basic diving skills: specialty aquatic missions, navigation, buoyancy, environmental awareness, etc. Ocean Guardian includes doing cool things in the pool, meeting up with friends, and sharing the adventure of the underwater world.

To join Guardians of the Ocean, a child must be 9 years of age or older. No previous experience in scuba diving is necessary, but children must be comfortable in the water. Parental authorization is required.

The Guardians program teaches responsibility and respect for the aquatic kingdom.

It is divided into two parts:

  1. Aquatic Missions 1 - 5 cover basic diving skills such as breathing underwater, emptying the water mask, retrieving a regulator, and swimming and experiencing the sensation of being weightless. Each session lasts approximately one hour. Complete these aquatic missions and become a Guardian Member.
  2. 10 specialty aquatic missions, including adventures such as creature identification, search and recovery diving, and freediving. Complete all of them and join an elite group of young divers.

More information at the Dive Center: 8717-2883