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The Club

Many years ago for a Holy Week of 1974, in the company of my partner Guillermo Carranza, family and friends, we rented a boat to tour the Central Pacific, I still remember its name, "Chorotega".  When we bequeathed to Punta Leona, we took the scare of our lives, because the boat in which we moved to the coast overturned, everyone could get out quickly, except Guillermo's brother, who was trapped under the boat, and after battling for a few seconds, -for me it was hours- he was able to succeed.

That day I could have retired and never wanted to return, deprivingme of what years later would be the dream of my life... Punta Leona. Fortunately, if you are reading this today, it is because as stubborn as I have been, I decided to stay.

We landed in Playa Mantas, the mud predominated at that time, because they were lands dedicated to livestock, immense pastures in their flattest parts. We were overcome by the landscape and biodiversity that surrounded those lands.

We managed to find the owners of those 300 hectares. The property was made up of two farms, whose owners Clarencio Barth and Cruz Rojas Benneth, after much negotiation, agreed to sell the land.  We already had the land! Now how do we get in other than by boat? -I didn't want to go back by boat again-

Punta Leona was an inaccessible sector by land, especially since at that time there was no road to Jacó, and Quebrada Ganado, the nearest hamlet, was made up of a pulpería and five houses.  There was no way to enter by car.  Well, yes there was a way; in a four-wheel drive vehicle, crossing the Tárcoles River by ferry, with the occasional crocodile waiting for the moment when someone fell into the water, an adventure.

While we decided what to do with the access, we chose 10 hectares of land to start the Punta Leona Club, a small hotel, with swimming pool and camping area. It was a difficult start because the concept of Beach Club was not well known in Costa and those clubs that were started, were not successful.

Now we had a new difficulty, the banks did not grant bank loans to tourism projects, only for livestock and agriculture, what little vision!  But that didn't stop me, I had to start somehow, anyway, as I've always said, the perfect is the enemy of the good.

I looked for other financing models that didn't mean deforesting to plant or raise livestock. And well, this is where my dream became joined by many others, there are things that cannot be done by one. So, thanks to the sale of shares to Costa Ricans who believed in us and the project, we managed to finance the beginnings of Punta Leona.  These first partners, to whom I will always thank for their trust, were the cornerstone to achieve the development we enjoy today.

While we began to build some common areas, in the early years, tents predominated, we allocated a specific area with all the facilities and amenities possible. This produced an interesting phenomenon, because the union and camaraderie between the partners was achieved from the beginning. Many of us still remember as "the family of Punta Leona", that very characteristic, which makes us unique, and that over the years became one of the pillars that sustained Punta Leona, as the family.

That nature that dazzled me when I entered Punta Leona for the first time by boat, is another of the pillars on which this project was based.  I'm sure  we were sustainable before we started talking about sustainability in Costa Rica. I knew it was important to take care of that tree that was on my property because later it would give me shade or feed some bird. I knew it was important to give work to the people of the area and take care of their families, because that's where many of our best allies would come from. If they were okay, we were okay.

From the beginning, the aspect of environmental conservation and sustainable development were priorities in all our projects.  Before I started doing anything, I always thought first of maintaining, protecting and encouraging ecological balance, and not simply as discourse, but as a reality.

Where do we start? -I told myself-.  So we prepared the grasslands and plains that were dedicated to livestock, to start planting trees, many trees, and over the years, what was a barreal, became a robust and leafy forest, home in which hundreds of birds, dozens of mammals, reptiles and amphibians, and hundreds of forest species and plants live, many of these are in danger.

Some time later, I discovered, thanks to a passionate scientist named Christopher Vaughan, that the scarlet macaws were an endangered species. I was deeply impressed by their stories and decided to sponsor the limpets on their way to regeneration.

For my walks in political life, even the president of that time, Jose María Figueres, "climbed" in a tree more than 30 meters high, observing one of the artificial nests with which we began our project of conservation of limpets.

We impacted many people with this project. I can proudly say that many people who were engaged in the theft of chicks and their sale on the black market, stopped doing so to become their defenders They used their experience to manufacture artificial nests and place them in tall trees, as is the case of Wilberth Vargas and his son, neighbors of the community of Tárcoles.
Today the number of individual Scarlet Macaws has tripled from about 200 in the early nineties, to about 600, who fly from Orotina to Jacó.

The flora and fauna of our forests are a reason for admiration, research, but above all responsibility, because we must provide the necessary protection to be able to offer future generations who will enjoy Punta Leona, a natural environment, which with determination and harmony, has managed to preserve the most precious gift of God, the charm of being able to enjoy nature in all its surroundings and majesty. This has turned Punta Leona into an ecological school.

Today, having started this project that many thought impossible, and for others it was of dreamers and quixotes.
An ecological school, a natural laboratory
These were my father's dreams, told in his own words, immortalized here, but above all in the life of every living being that grows, reproduces, dies and is born again in Punta Leona.

This ecological school, this natural laboratory, is for me like a kind of biological island where life grows, where I grew up, this is my home.

Yes, I believed in this  and  since I was a child,  I learned from my papá to feel part of nature, not above it. I learned that what you give her, she will give you back in spades, in the positive yes, but also in the negative.

Therefore, since I had the opportunity to actively participate in this project since my youth, and as responsible for directing it since 2016, I have proposed to follow that legacy of protection and take an even more necessary leap towards regeneration.
Sustainability is behind us
As the years passed, Irealized that the efforts we had been making to generate a "neutral" impact on nature were fine, but it seemed to me a worn model and in reality, very unsustainable over time. While we tried to leave the minimum footprint applying the sustainability model of the time, many species entered to swell the list of endangered species, some others simply disappeared, now they are part of a museum and their children or grandchildren will know them dissected, inert, behind a showcase.

True to that vision and tenacity inherited by my father, I thought it was time to not only stop hurting nature, but heal it and help it grow.

We already had a reforestation program with which since 1995 we have planted more than 75,000 trees, a Natural Nature Privadof 14 hectares with a beautiful and particular wet-dry transition forest, and a consolidated and renewed program of conservation of limpets, which now has  not only with artificial nests, but also with 24/7 camera monitoring, environmental education in canton schools – that's where potential "future laperos" stop, as well as international research.

But if we are on the beach, why not turn our gaze to the sea?
We reforest the ocean
This is how in 2019 we began our Regenerative Reefs project, consisting of cement "bells" with holes around, which provide shelter, food and a breeding site for marine species. And it has been a success, because we have found a large number of species of importance for the marine ecosystem, some even of commercial relevance, such as snapper fish, an indicator that does not fail to know if a marine ecosystem is healthy.

And since from the cradle I am a dreamer, I also bring it in my blood, I want to take this project throughout the Gulf of Nicoya, regenerate this whole area so exploited by commercial fishing, so we are working on that.

I like to dive and I love the sea, and in Punta Leona it always hurt me to see the large number of dead corals in Playa Mantas, lying on the shore by the tide. One day we immersed ourselves and that was a very sad scene, the seabed looked like a cemetery, and what many years ago was possibly a coral garden full of colors and life, or it is an area similar to a desert, but in the sea.

We started looking for solutions and found that there was a technique of gardening or growing corals. The friends of the INA in Puntarenas, the same ones who advised us with the regenerative reefs, trained us to plant corals, and we started with the first gardening in Limoncito beach, and the second stage in Playa Blanca.

Marine life begins on coral reefs, and we want to be part of that genesis, to restore the ocean to its vitality and richness. I know that our efforts may seem like a drop of water in the ocean, but if no one starts... who will do it?
Fishing for plastic
That's what I thought when my friend Geronimo Ciutti sought me out to support his initiative to found an organization dedicated to beach cleaning, MAREBLU.  We then became his main ally, providing you with a physical headquarters and everything you need to start with this ambitious project.

Thus, four years after starting,  more than 200 tons of plastic has been removed from the sea. That was 200 tons that if no one had lifted a finger, thinking it was insignificant, would still be circling the ocean and killing many fish. That's what I say, it's one's power!

As I tell this story, our story, I invite you now to my house ...  and feel that it’s yours. My purpose is for you to make a journey that connects you with yourself, with others and with nature.  That's what I call regenerative tourism, and I'm very excited that you're part of this new experience, a different way of living tourism.

Go ahead... we are going to make a small tour of Punta Leona

When you enter you will do so in the middle of a wet and dry transition forest, a protected area full of giant trees, home to an impressive variety of flora and fauna.  But in reality the forest is present at all times, because even our rooms are surrounded by an exuberant nature, where every night you can sleep sheltered by nature and the alarm clock will be the same as mine, the song of the birds, yes, we do not have to get up at the same time.
The Club


When you have an appetite, three restaurants await you with unique, natural variety  that surround Punta Leona.  In the middle of the forest is the Carabelas restaurant, with its buffet style service, where you can enjoy a very Costa Rican gastronomic experience, surrounded by the green of nature and occasionally observed by the white-faced monkeys while having breakfast.  A unique experience! .

If you go with the children and do not want to leave our pools, we have restaurant León Marino right in front of Mantas beach and adjacent to the pools. There you will find a very familiar atmosphere and with options for the whole family.  I recommend a  delicious pizza, but if you want something else, we have snacks and much more elaborate dishes.

In addition, if your thing like mine is to eat in front of the sea, we have the Playa Blanca Restaurant, where you can enjoy the best gourmet options for your breakfast or lunch. Sit back and enjoy a spectacular view of the sea, maybe we can even have a lemonade together, or at least, say hello.

And of course we have a place to have a drink and enjoy your favorite cocktail. And what a place! Our modern and spacious Bar Mantas awaits for you to relax with your family or friends, enjoy a night with live music simply dedicated having a good time.


After having been on the beach all day, touring our conservation areas and playing with the children, we have three swimming pools for all ages. Our large adult pool in front of Mantas beach is anexcellent option for you, but also take advantage of it for masseuse in the hot tubs.   Adjacent to this, children can enjoy a pool specially designed for them, with games and other activities organized by our entertainment team.

And deep in the forest and adjacent to the Carabelas restaurant, we have a small and cozy pool, whose cold and refreshing waters provide a rejuvenating experience, it is something like a "regenerative" pool, if I may use the term.


I have always thought that in Punta Leona we improve quality of life and that's why we think of sport as a means to improve our mental and physical health, promote social relationships and spend a fun time with family and friends. I really like walking in the middle of the forest every morning, breathing fresh air and taking advantage of our large open areas for biking. I have felt the benefits that this brings and in Punta Leona we have the right space for you to exercise, also:

  • Tennis

  • Football 5
  • Basketball

  • Beach volleyball

  • Miniature golf

  • Outdoor gym



But if yours as mine is the sea, you have to come and enjoy our activities in the water. In Playa Blanca, a beach unique in this area, and in the country, white sand, turquoise sea, a forest that provides shade along the entire beach, is simply our jewel.

I already told you that I love diving, well, we have prepared for you an underwater museum with figures of three meters in length, it is the first of its kind in Central America. You can't imagine how impressive it is to come across a Garabito Indian swimming 3 meters deep, or a gigantic olive ridley turtle, a manta ray or a hammerhead shark.

And no se worry if you do not know how to dive, we can teach, we have a diving school inside our Hotel. And if you don't quite want to, well, you have the opportunity to snorkel, see the sculptures from above, or go see the fish in our natural rocky reefs.  I have come across octopuses less than two meters deep.

If you want something less "risky", you can opt for bodyboards, pedal boats, kayaks or just swim and continue enjoying the sand and the sun.
I think we have so many particular things, that I always say that we are not a boutique hotel, we are a "unique" hotel. We offer unique experiences to our customers, and without a doubt when we talk about accommodations, we offer something completely different.

Our rooms are distributed throughout the property, some completely embedded in the middle of the forest, which certainly have a very particular history.

Those rooms were built thanks to the filming of the Hollywood film "1492: the conquest of paradise", which thanks to the great negotiating capacity of my father, was recorded in Playa Blanca. As the production team need a place to stay, they decided to build these rooms, in a record time of less than a year. Hence, the name of the sections where they are located, bear the name of the countries that Christopher Columbus visited.

And, as for us, the family is one of our pillars, the other accommodation modules are apartments for up to 8 people, all fully equipped, some in the middle of the forest, others with panoramic ocean views, it is a matter of taste.
Services and benefits

I want to end by thanking you for accepting the invitation to take a little tour of my house, I really hope you can continue to visit us frequently.

In fact, one of the ways to do it is by joining our Club, having a membership and being able to come every day to this wonderful place and also make it your home. You and your family will enjoy promotions in accommodation, food, exclusive services, as well as special events organized just for this great family that we will be.

Other benefits we have are:

  1. Right to card: Benefit for Headline Affiliates and Family Members previously registered in the Family Registration form, namely:
    1. Affiliate: holder, spouse, parents and in-laws, these will be issued cards with a validity of 4 years, the cost of each card is ¢2,000.+ taxes
    2. Minor children between the ages of 11 and up to 17, as well as unmarried or divorced children of legal age with no age limit, these will be issued a card valid for 1 year, the cost of each card is ¢2,000.+ taxes. Each time a Child requires card renewal, he must pay the established cost.
  2. Family Pass Card: Exclusively for married children, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law and grandchildren previously registered, the costs and conditions of these cards are:
    1. $15.USD + taxes (cost per Quarter for each person over 11 years of age)
    2. $25.USD + taxes (cost per Semester for each person over 11 years of age)
    3. $50.USD + taxes (cost per year for each person over 11 years of age)
    4. This card only gives them the right to use the facilities without a period of restriction
    5. This card entitles you to enjoy a discount on Lodging.
    6. *Restrictions apply
  3. Preferential Lodging Rate: Discount from 25% to 50% to rent rooms or apartments owned by Hotel and Club Punta Leona S.A., (Selvamar, Chalets, Torremar, Apartamentos Arenas and Cabañas), as long as they present the respective card and are up to date with the Club obligations. (Do not apply to other promotions)
  4. Married children of a member with a card can rent accommodation at a member rate: Married or common-law children are allowed to book with an Affiliate rate (does not apply in super high season. *Restrictions apply. Consult directly by email; [email protected]
  5. Preferential rate in Food and Beverages: Applicable in any of the restaurants (Carabelas, El Grill, León Marino and Playa Blanca), exclusive benefit for the member holder, spouse, parents, in-laws, as long as they present the respective card and are up to date with the obligations of the Club.
  6. Special offers: Exclusive for members both in food and beverages and in lodging.
  7. Discount for Seniors: All elderly members with a card will receive a 50% discount on the three meals at the Carabelas Restaurant. In addition, a 25% discount in the restaurants León Marino and Playa Blanca. This discount is exclusive for consumption only by the elderly.
  8. Supermarket preferential rate: Exclusive benefit for the owner member, spouse, parents, in-laws, with a discount of up to 20%, as long as they present the respective card and are up to date with the obligations of the Club.
  9. Leonas Pass Devices and Permanent Bracelets.
    • The Bracelets: Exclusively for the holder Affiliate, spouse, parents, in-laws, unmarried or divorced children, as well as minor children from 11 years of age. They are free and to opt for these devices you should consider:
      1. They can only be requested by the owner affiliate
      2. They can only be withdrawn by the owner affiliate or his/her spouse.
      3. They are only delivered to the Central Offices of the Hotel and Club Punta Leona S.A.
      4. They will only be delivered to the holder members or family members who have previously issued a card.
      5. The replacement for loss will have a cost of $30.USD + taxes
      6. Married children, daughters-in-law, sons-in-law and grandchildren are not entitled to these devices
    • The Leona Pass: Owner affiliates, family members and previously registered extended family members will be entitled to these devices. To opt for these devices you should consider:
      1. They can only be requested by the owner affiliate.
      2. They can only be withdrawn by the owner affiliate or his/her spouse.
      3. They are only delivered to the Central Offices of the Hotel and Club Punta Leona S.A.
      4. 2 devices will be delivered free of charge per Share.
      5. Per Share they may acquire a maximum of 4 additional devices, each at a cost of $30.USD + taxes.
      6. The replacement of Leona Pass devices will cost $30.USD + taxes.
      7. Every Leona Pass device must be properly placed on the windshield of the vehicle to which it was assigned.
      8. Leona Pass devices will not be issued to vehicles with provisional license plates, business vehicles, rented vehicles, or public transportation or tourism vehicles.
  10. Special offers: Exclusive for members both in food and beverages and in lodging.
  11. Discount for Seniors: All elderly members with a card will receive a 50% discount on the three meals at the Carabelas Restaurant. In addition, a 25% discount in the restaurants León Marino and Playa Blanca. This discount is exclusive for consumption only by the elderly.
  12. Preferential rate Supermarket: Exclusive benefit for the owner member, spouse, parents, in-laws, with a discount of up to 20%, as long as they present the respective card and are up to date with the obligations of the Club.
  13. Punta Leona Car Pass: This device gives them access to parking spaces within the complex, including Playa Blanca, it will be assigned to the registered members, family members or the previously registered extended family group. To opt for these devices, you should consider:
    1. They can only be requested by the Member Holder or his/her spouse.
    2. The physical presence of the vehicle to which it will be placed is required.
    3. They are only delivered at the Affiliate Service Offices in Punta Leona.
    4. A maximum of 6 Car Passes Punta Leona will be allocated per Share, 2 from block A, for Affiliate holder or spouse, and up to 4 from block B, for parents, in-laws and children.
    5. Before the change of vehicle, the Punta Leona Car Pass must be returned, so that a new one can be assigned to it.
    6. Punta Leona Car Pass devices will not be granted to vehicles with provisional license plates, business vehicles, rented vehicles, or public transportation or tourism vehicles.
    7. This device is not issued to Affiliate Guests, nor day visitors.
    8. All Car Pass Punta Leona must be placed on the windshield of the vehicle to which they were assigned.
  14. Guest Entry Right: Exclusive benefit for the main affiliate, his spouse, parents and in-laws. The maximum number of guests allowed per month per Action is 5 people, who may remain in the Club for up to 72 hours. The form of entrance of the guests is the following:
    1. Entering at the same time with the main affiliate, spouse, parents or in-laws.
    2. If any of the affiliates described in point (a) were previously in the Club, in which case they must go to the Affiliate Service Office and generate the report.
    3. When the guest enters in his own vehicle, he must pay the sum of 10 thousand colones.
    4. Having exhausted the 5 monthly guests and the entry of an additional guest is required for special reasons, it must be requested in writing at least 48 hours in advance, and the administration will reserve the discretion to authorize or reject. If approved, the additional guest will pay the sum of $10.USD per person per day.
    5. Guests are not accumulative.
    6. If the guest enters without the company of an affiliate, they must use the platform Partners Hotel Punta Leona
    7. Using this platform has a cost of $10.USD per person, a maximum of 5 people, which will be discounted from the monthly guests to which each Share is entitled.
    8. If the guest will enter with a child of the owner affiliate, they must use the platform The same conditions of the previous point apply.
    9. The times in which the entry of guests is restricted are Easter, half-term holidays in July, Christmas and the end of the year, as well as legal holidays, especially those that are enjoyed on Friday or Monday. (For these times the guest platform will be disabled)
  15. Use of Facilities: The main affiliates, family affiliates and the extended family group, may enter in any season of the year carrying the respective card, as long as they are up to date with the maintenance fees.
  16. Free transportation for Affiliates: Round-trip service from San José to Punta Leona and vice versa, prior reservation by calling 8960-3636, includes regular members, family members and extended family members. If the space allows it, the transportation of guests is facilitated paying a fee of $20.USD per person. This service is excepted on Tuesdays.
  17. Exclusive activities for Affiliates: The main affiliates, registered family members and the extended family group, will be able to rent facilities and participate in exclusive activities for affiliates.
  18. Lodging courtesy: Annual courtesy in lodging of 4 days and 3 nights in the Cabanas apartments, this between the months of May and until November excepting July, subject to quota, previous reservation from May 1 of each year, you must be up to date with the obligations with the Club, it is not cumulative, it cannot be divided, and it is not transferable.
  19. Benefit of the birthday member: Exclusive benefit for the owner member, who the week of his birthday, is given a coupon to choose between having breakfast, lunch or dinner at the Carabelas Restaurant with a companion, in addition, he will be given a coupon so that he can have two cocktails at the Bar cheer. During that week he will have the right to enter with 3 additional guests without season restrictions.
  20. Exclusive channel for lodging reservations: Affiliates have exclusive means to reserve rooms or apartments, Tel. 2587-1037 / WhatsApp. 8735-7013 / Email: [email protected]
  21. Loungers, chairs, awnings and grills: Service available in Playa Blanca, must be requested by the owner member or his spouse to those in charge in the area.
  22. Cloth service: Available for those direct members who decide to spend the day at the Club. They must be requested by the direct partner in the cloth center of Playa Blanca and Mantas.

Call or write to us at 2587-1016 / 8862-5000, or [email protected], we will gladly address your concerns.

See You
Things have changed a lot since my father arrived at this beautiful place riding a boat, we have had to face various difficulties and crises, perhaps none like the Coronavirus Pandemic, but we are still here, more determined than ever to move forward.

We have had the ability to adapt to the changes of different times, often being pioneers in some of these changes, especially in terms of tourism and ecology.

The idea is that we continue to evolve, adapt, grow.   I have started to think that it turns out that the most difficult thing in this business we already have: An excellent climate, nature, proximity, the safety of the beach.  As my father said, this is a biological school, I call it a natural laboratory.

Having those elements, which cannot be achieved even with as much money as one could imagine, we have designed an experience for you, from which you will come out renewed.

Welcome to the Punta Leona Reserve, our home.  

Boris Gordienko Echeverria