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Thank you Mother Earth

Thank you, dear mother Earth!

Every day we feel her warm embrace with the rays of the sun, with  the gentle breeze of the wind, she whispers in our ear how important we are to her, in the  sway of the waves she finds her toying and subtle ways to  reminds us that we will always be children. In her biodiversity and fauna it gives us the opportunity to have company. And with each giant tree she tells us a story and protects us.

The drums that announce her life are latent, her passionate fire waits in the volcanoes, her colors, her textures, her landscapes taken from fantasy, extracted from the imagination of a very creative giant and all her magic, to see how it works, how it survives and how it gives us a space to develop, to  grow, to live in a place called home.

The Earth is surrounded by a mysticism that, far from frightening, is love. She teaches us that every day there is something new, that life can appear in the most unexpected corners,  that a simple drop of dew can be the perfect photograph and that its soils are the right surface  for us to take root.

On April 22, World Earth Day is celebrated as a way to remind us of all the beauty we enjoy every day. Earth Day is celebrated  as the way to raise awareness  to take care of her with love and dedication and as the perfect excuse to not allow us to forget the importance of the land  in which we live,  Our beautiful and amazing home.

Awareness in small actions

Even with all the beauty and being the provider of home and food, the earth is  an innocent victim  in the busy life of the human being with the seas full of plastic, the forests diminishing, and  global warming threatens our very existence. As benefactors of the Earth’s resources, we must become more aware that we, as  each one of us, must do our small part to reduce the demise of our one and only Mother Earth.

It’s up to each of us to apply  small actions that will trigger big changes in the future,  by recycling, separating waste, planting trees, composting organic waste, using solar panels, opting for clean energy we can make an important difference  and a relevant help to maintain Mother Earth and take care of it together.

Leading by example

At Hotel Punta Leona we are committed to the care and protection of nature. We recognize the importance of maintaining her and we work for conservation through different programs that characterize who we are.   Our goal to raise environmental awareness is the essence of why we create spaces for the protection of species that surround the hotel such as the scarlet macaw.

In addition,  we develop spaces  for the protection of  wetlands,  recycling centers, environmental education programs, sea turtle conservation, reforestation, care ofthe primary forest and more Corporate Social Responsibility actions  fundamental for the protection of our Mother Earth.

Let us celebrate the Earth together, but beyond that, let us demonstrate that we are willing to protect, respect and enjoy her in healthy ways, in an atmosphere of harmony and always thinking that her well-being is ours.