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Natural beauty, wild beauty

When they tell you about Punta Leona it is very likely that you think of Playa Blanca and its beautiful turquoise color surrounded by white sand. Or perhaps, of a day with family enjoying our beautiful butterfly house. However, the space in which we find ourselves is surrounded by a true and incredible treasure, all the wildlife that is with us.

And, taking advantage of the fact that March 3 is World Wildlife Day, we want to tell you more about the area surrounding the hotel and the wealth  of  wildlife that you can find when you decide to take a vacation at Punta Leona.

With an area of 20 hectares of primary and secondary forest, Punta Leona has one  of the most important reserves in the Central Pacific area of Costa Rica and  was declared a Natural Wildlife Refuge  on April 26, 1994 by the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE).

In addition, Playa Blanca is a marine protected area, which indicates that it has one of the most abundant and rich ecosystems worldwide, promoting the feeding, growth and reproduction  of marine species that help maintain the life of the planet in balance.

Wildlife trails

The nature that surrounds the hotel has marked trails that allow you to enter the heart of Mother Earth, connect with your inner self and discover many wild species that will amaze you with their beauty. The trees, foliage and caverns that are in the relief, serve as home to species such as white-faced monkeys, raccoons, anteaters, spider monkeys, iguanas and coatis, in addition to a large number of species of butterflies, which we protect from our butterfly garden.

Also, in the tops of the leafy trees you will find more than 330 species of exotic birds. The most striking being the beautiful scarlet macaw, imposing and wonderful, who with its crimson color leaves the role of protagonist. Its mystery, reproduction and life cycle has become a banner of Punta Leona,  leading us to establish a conservation program for this species.

Living together healthily

The efforts of the hotel to protect the surrounding wildlife allows us to coexist in harmony with nature. Through the correct care and protection of marine species and fauna, allowing us to obtain recognitions such as the country brand Esencial Costa Rica, the Ecological Blue Flag, the certification of Sustainable Tourism   and we are also part of the seal of sanitary quality provided by the AYA; Each of these efforts makes us a sustainable tourism project that protects its environment and focuses its efforts on the correct care of its environment.

So, when you think of Punta Leona for your vacation, keep in mind that we are much more than a hotel, we are the destination to discover and enjoy. Punta Leona, a place where you can merge with the wildlife in a tropical paradise, and experience a truly renewing experience only a few get to live.