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Underwater Museum

The Punta Leona Hotel inaugurated as part of the rocky reef conservation project that began in 2020 the placement of 30 “reefball” or bell-like structures.

The underwater museum is a unique project in the country and Central America, at the moment it consists of 3 pieces, but the idea is to reach about 45, you can enjoy: a Cacique Garabito, a Lora turtle and a manta ray. Each of the sculptures weighs more than a ton and measures approximately 3 meters in length.

They are located just 50 meters from the shore, in front of the terraces of Playa Blanca, at a depth of 2 meters at low tide and about 5 at high tide.

There is no additional cost, you can take your snorkeling equipment or rent it at the lifeguard post in Playa Blanca.