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The Beach: an Ideal Destination for Family Vacations

Half-term arrives and with it the need to recharge the batteries. The school holidays help us to get that needed "time out" and there’s nothing better than spending a few days with the family on the beach to rejuvenate.

Punta Leona is the perfect place for this break, with its nature, plus family orientated facilities and activities, allowing children to spend more time with their parents, feel their care and affection, contributing to their emotional and social growth.

Building sand castles, the noise of waves, walks in the forest or watching the dozens of butterflies, are ideal childhood memories, which are only possible to build as long as we break with our “routine”.

How to achieve this? We give you some practical tips:

Before going away finish all important matters and delegate any pending tasks.

Put aside social media and engage in personal, face-to-face communication with your family.

Forget the phone, tablet and computer.

Change video games and the TV for games in the sand or outdoor activities.

Enjoy playing in the calm waters of Playa Mantas or Playa Blanca beaches – the sea is therapeutic!

Hug, hug and hug again.

Prepare your vacation and dedicate yourself to disconnecting from life back home with plenty of rest and enjoyment. At Punta Leona we have everything you’ll need – it’s the ideal place to spend time with your family this half-term.

Discover our variety of recrational activities during your vacations at Punta Leona.


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