Cuidamos a nuestros huéspedes:COVID-19

Enjoy Your Experience at the Punta Leona Hotel and Club

Since the day, the COVID-19 pandemic began, we have taken all the control and prevention measures, required by the health authorities, as seriously as possible. The priority of our team has since been to safeguard the health, safety, and well-being of all our guests and staff. We have established strict hygiene and disinfection procedures, changing the way we offer many of our services.

We present you a summary of these actions for your assurance that we will always guarantee the maximum possible protection for your safety and enjoyment.

  1. We form a Preventive Health Commission composed of health professionals and senior management, which meets regularly to evaluate the new recommendations and make necessary changes to our operations and events.
  2. We have increased staff in public areas to ensure constant and effective
  3. We temporarily suspend recreational and entertainment activities that involve some unnecessary risk to the health of our staff and guests.
  4. Our on-site health department will act immediately in accessing any sign of suspected cases.
Common areas and rooms
  1. Our service staff (receptionists, drivers, salons, cashiers, and other staff) uses spray alcohol frequently applied in cleaning and disinfection of vulnerable areas. (counters, tables, chairs, handrails, rains, taps, seats, etc.). We frequently disinfect the inside of the internal transport units as well.
  2. We have Increased the number of gel alcohol disinfection stations to 100% in the most vulnerable areas (restaurants, reception, supermarket, and bars)
  3. We place information campaigns with hygiene and cleaning protocols at different points throughout the resort.
  4. We installed more sinks in high traffic areas such as reception, restaurants, bars, supermarket, among others.
  5. We have placed floor markings for the recommended physical distance in different environments such as room modules, restaurants, supermarket, reception, bars, and other common spaces.
  6. We installed dividing acrylic panels in strategic points of customer service such as reception, supermarket.
  7. The common areas and operating areas of our Hotel and Club are cleaned and disinfected frequently based on the travel and activities in the area.
  8. All frequent contact points in public areas such as: door handles, counters, tables, railings, etc. are cleaned daily and disinfected continuously throughout the day, during operating hours.
  9. We add an effective electrostatic disinfection method to our Hotel and Club hygiene and cleaning protocols. Electrostatic cleaning is based on the application on surfaces of a chemical disinfectant through a special spray system capable of harnessing electromagnetic force to improve hygiene power. 
  10. In rooms and apartments all elements that could pose a risk to the transmission of the virus were removed.
  11. For each room that will receive a new guest, a complete disinfection process is done with high quality standards.
  12. Provide temperature checks of all guests and employees when entering the different áreas; restaurants, beach, swimming pools, etc
Our staff

The protocol for our employees is to assure a safe workplace while continuing to provide excellent service and security.

  1. Temperature checking when entering and leaving the Club
  2. Complete daily medical form before entering the Hotel and Club
  3. Use of mandatory mask
  4. Strict hand disinfection protocols, job site cleaning, etc.
  5. 5 Wearing gloves in cleaning and food service
  6. Distance in offices, shuttle service, dining rooms, etc.
  7. Nursing and medical service
On the beach
  1. We temporarily eliminate the rental of water equipment that could involve some risk to users.
  2. We placed labeling and demarcation in Playa Blanca to make it easier for our customers to safely respect the recommended social estating of at least 6 feet between social bubbles.
  3. Temperature checks are required, and alcohol dispenser are available when entering the beach
  4. Marking and circulation flows are provided to the beach to avoid crowds and maintain social distancing
  5. It has more showers distributed at different exit points, with the aim of facilitating social estating.
  6. Staff is available to monitor compliance with established prevention and hygiene standards.
  1. We have installed sinks at the entrance of our restaurants so that all our guests can wash their hands with soap and water. We also place 70% gel alcohol disinfection stations to ensure a comprehensive hygiene cycle.
  2. We modify the layout of our buffet service and have eliminated any "self service" options.
  3. In compliance with government provisions, the capacity of our restaurants was reduced by 50% We also implemented a reservation protocol similar to that used in cruises to assure that our diners receive an excellent service while maintaining the best quality and flavor of our dishes.
  4. We instruct our service personnel to maintain a "protocol of silence" while serving our customers.
Entering the facility
  1. Temperatures will be taken of everyone entering the Club, including; members, hotel guests, collaborators, service personnel, suppliers, etc. The approved protocol provides that anyone who has a temperature equal to or greater than 38 degrees will not be allowed entry.
  2. When checking in, you must fill out a medical form with some basic questions as a prevention measure. Completing the form is mandatory and is done for each social bubble.
Responsibility of all

At the Punta Leona Hotel and Club, we are applying rigorous hygiene and security protocols, but none would be effective without your help. That is why we're asking you to use masks in closed places, maintain the social distancing of 6 feet between different social bubbles and accept all the hygiene and prevention measures given by the Ministry of Health and our company.

These new protocols are re-evaluated daily by the Prevention and Hygiene Commission set up for this purpose, as under the changes established by government authorities, these protocols could also vary to adapt to new realities.