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Your 1 week itinerary in Costa Rica

Yes: Costa Rica is a small country, but a week is not enough to discover all of its 51,100 squared kilometers.

However, if you only have seven days available to discover the country, there is no problem. Here, we offer you an itinerary that contains some of the most recognized tourist attractions in this Central American nation for you to take into consideration when planning your vacation.

Go ahead and make the most of it in one of the most memorable weeks of your life!

Day 1

On your first day, travel from the airport towards La Fortuna to enjoy a couple of days besides the Arenal Volcano; a semi perfect cone that it´s one of the major sights of Costa Rica. If your flight is scheduled to arrive at night, then it is better for you to rest near the airport. On the next day, wake up early and make your trip.

Day 2

For day two, it is recommended to rest from the trip and enjoy the hot springs with the Arenal Volcano as a background. This way you will recover energy to be able to have a third day filled with activities in nature.

Day 3

Nature is calling you for a guided walk through the Arenal Volcano National Park. Also, if you are feeling more adventurous, there is a possibility for you to experience the National Park doing horseback riding. To finish the day, you can go for a fresh swim to La Fortuna waterfall.

Day 4

On your fourth day, it is time to head to the Pacific and enjoy one of the mayor attractions of Costa Rica: its beaches. Especially Playa Blanca, recognized for being the only beach with white sand in the Central Pacific. To get here, you can fly La Fortuna-Quepos and from there take a private transport to Punta Leona. Another option is to go back to San José and travel from there to Punta Leona since it is just 60 minutes away from the capital. Easy and with no complications!

Day 5

On the fifth day, we recommend you to hike in order to appreciate the plants and wildlife in Punta Leona, a place where beaches and mountains blend in together. Impress yourself with the macaws that fly above you, with the lack of timidity of the white-faced capuchin monkey, and with the slow paced sloths. If you wish to complement even more your experience with our worldwide known nature, we invite you to visit the butterfly house. At night, to conclude the natural experience, you can dine in one of our many restaurants, surrounded by nature.

Day 6

We save the best for last: enjoy the beach with all of its amenities. If you still have sufficient energy after almost a whole week of adventure, you can practice paddleboard, snorkeling or have a ride on the banana boat to enjoy the sea at its fullest. Also, if you find it more relaxing, you can combine a rest day with a massage underneath a palm tree and a refreshing dip in the pool.

At night, it is time to toast for an unbelievable vacation at one of our bars or restaurants.

Day 7

On the last day, it is time to head back to San José to take a flight or if you are a national tourist, to head back home.

However, thanks to the short trip from Punta Leona to San José, now that it is only one hour away, you can take advantage of the day to go souvenir shopping in the craft markets (El Central or La Casona) or go visit the Nacional Theater (one of Central America´s architectural jewels).

Do you like the plan? If yes, then schedule your visit to Costa Rica, a small country, but fascinating. Not in vain, they say that the best perfumes always come in small packages. Don't forget to book your vacation at Hotel Punta Leona!


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