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What wedding dress should you wear on the beach?

If the place is like a dream and the moment is like a dream, then your wedding dress should be also like a dream.

But how it should be? After all, the beach is a natural place where the elements, like the heat, the sand or the wind, can play against you.

The first and most important thing is that you feel comfortable. Weddings on the beach usually have a more casual and fun atmosphere, so comfort should be your priority to enjoy that special day.

As for the style of your dress goes, it is recommended to be simple. If you don’t want to give up on the classic long dress, it is a good idea if the design is kind of sinuous, so the sea breeze can play with it or leave a mark on the sand as you walk, especially down the aisle.

Always among the long dresses spectrum, the mermaid silhouette style is also a fantastic choice, as well as dresses with a straight line or empire cut.

On the contrary, princess cut dresses are not recommended for this occasion. The beach is a simple and sober scene, so if you are full of laces and tulles, it will be not only impractical, but it will clash with the natural environment around you.

If you’re not that in love with the romantic idea of a long dress, short models are often an excellent alternative to deal with warm weather. It also allows you more freedom of movement. You could also choose a convertible model, which allows you to walk down the aisle wearing a long dress, but also allows you to make it shorter so you can be more comfortable to enjoy the party.

Talking about the color, the classic white is the ideal one, once again for its simplicity and because it increases the ethereal and luminous effect given by the beach atmosphere. This could be highlighted if you get the perfect tan for that day. Also a color champagne or beige dress works perfectly when combined with sand.

In case you want to break traditional schemes, other options less common, but just as valid, are blue or pink in pastel shades.

Shoes, on the other hand, should be comfortable. Heels and closed shoes should be excluded, especially if you are planning the ceremony to take place directly on the sand. The best option in this case are flat sandals or even going barefoot, with some simple jewels on your feet as only adornment.

Last but not least, the accessories are necessary to complement any look, much more if we are talking about a day as important as your wedding’s. Make sure that every one of them is very simple and sober; a wedding on the beach is a classic example of that old saying “less is more.”

Try to concentrate on your hair as a source of inspiration. Details with flowers or navy style are very convenient to match with your hair in an elegant way. Make sure your hair is not loose, because with the sand and the breeze you run the risk of having to untangle it constantly, during the ceremony and the party. If you want to use a veil, make sure it is short so it won’t interfere with your movements.

Finally, keep in mind that the most important thing is that your personality shines on that day, that same personality that made the man of your dreams to you fall in love with you.


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