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Walking in the middle of Giants

Punta Leona was not always the well kept area of nature that we know today. In fact, from the beginning of the Hotel and Club project we have to date grown the area of forest to cover more than 70% of our territory green.


Much of that vast forest is located in our private reserve, a protected natural area of more than 14 hectares. Here the dry tropical forest of the North Pacific meets the humid tropical forest of the South Pacific and is capable of housing a wide variety of species of flora and fauna from both regions.


To tour the reserve, the Hotel and Club created the “Gigantes” trail (Giants trail) over several years. In the middle of tall, old trees with some of them more than 300 years old, you can take this walk with the company of our naturalist guide who, along the route, will show you the secrets that this forest hides.


For the most intrepid, this same walk can be done at night, always in the company of our guide who will take you on a journey full of magic and surprises.


The extension of the trail is approximately one kilometer and can be covered in a time of 30 to 35 minutes.


“Here we find very beautiful and representative species of the area. On a good day you can find spider monkeys, the “carablancas” (white face monkeys) and with luck the “titi”, which is an endangered species. It is also very interesting to do the night tour, since you can find scorpions and snakes, among other species.” said Alex Barboza, naturalist guide of Punta Leona.


“Mornings are perfect to see birds such as trogons, toucans or macaws. This is a great path to walk and you just have to be very alert to observe the species well because they have very good camouflage”.


Although a little luck is needed to spot an animal in the middle of the trails, there are approximately more than 30 species of mammals in the Refuge, including some endangered or seriously threatened populations such as “Guatusa”( agouti); It is also home to species such as “carablanca” monkeys, pizotes, raccoons, hammers, sloths, “martillas”( kinkajou) and anteaters, not to mention a variety of birds, which, with the right technique and the necessary patience, can be an incredible sight to witness.


Guided walks leave from the reception of the Hotel and must be booked there. If you like to get up early, you can spend the day walking, starting at 6.00 in the morning, great for bird watching or for the more adventurous; you can do the night walk from 6.00 in the evening when it is possible to find species such as owls, amphibians, reptiles and some mammals.


We are waiting for you to discover the secrets of our “Gigantes” trail, in Punta Leona, an experience that will definitely take you on a unique journey.



General recommendations for walkers


  • Footwear: comfortable footwear, especially walking boots or sneakers, are needed to walk on a path for more than 45 minutes. It is always important that you choose a high well-fitted pair to avoid sprains and even snake bites.
  • Suitable clothing: It is recommended to wear long pants and a cool shirt, hopefully with UV protection and also protection against mosquitoes, which can become quite annoying and ruin your walk.
  • Other objects: Cap for the sun, torch (in case of night walk), raincoat, binoculars, mosquito repellent, bottle of water to hydrate yourself.


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