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Swimming in open waters

This is a swimming discipline that is practiced in open places and subject to the conditions of nature. It’s the oldest and, at the same time, the youngest of swimming competitions because, since the origins of humanity, swimming was carried out in open waters.

Also in the first Olympic games of the modern era in Athens 1896 there was a 100 meter competition in open water. In 1900 in Paris they swam in the Seine River and four years later swimming in pools began. After this the open waters were only used for special tests such as crossing the English Channel. However, open water swimming made a comeback and was included in the Olympic Games in 2008.

At Hotel & Club Punta Leona we have been developing swimming events in the sea since 1990. This sport is definitely one of the best for health and every day there are more recommendations and different reasons to practice it. We have focused on the idea of swimming for everybody and have taken advantage of the resources to improve the quality of the events in order that is a safe and great experience for the participants.

With thirty events undertaken so far, we feel able to say with pride that Punta Leona Open Waters, in partnership with the Guppys Swimming Academy, has first class events where our partners, guests, and participants can enjoy the experience of participating or simply enjoy observing the development of the activity.

Ricardo Prado


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