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Sustainable Tourism: The advantages of staying at Hotel Punta Leona

Increasingly, tourists recognize the importance of preserving the environment and look for sustainable tourism accommodation, respectful of the environment.

Hotels that do their best to reduce their energy or water consumption and also recycle their waste, to name a few examples, in such a way that has the least harmful impact possible on the environment have an advantage.

Of course, caring for the environment does not mean sacrificing comfort, design, elegance or the variety of services we require when we talk about lodging. If you are a tourist worried about the conservation of our environment, you are not condemned to sleep without light or to shower with cold water.

With this in mind, at Hotel Punta Leona we develop socio-cultural, economic and environmental programs that preserve the local culture, nature and give support to the economy of the area. In addition to this philosophy, we offer tourists the comfort, entertainment and service excellence necessary to ensure that their holidays are not only responsible, but also special.

Some advantages of sustainable hotels:

They respect the environment and the landscape of the area with minimal impact.

They make effective use of energy and water.

They use materials and food respectful of nature and the visitor

They employ and benefit neighboring communities.

At Hotel Punta Leona we guarantee the fulfillment of a sustainable operation, thanks to participating in two programs of social responsibility that are of great magnitude. One of them is the Certification for Sustainability Tourism (CST), through which we undergo a rigorous analysis in the biological physical environment, plant service, customer and the socioeconomic environment.

The other is the Blue Flag Ecological Program that has the objective of supervising our work regarding the organization and protection of natural resources, the search for better hygienic sanitary conditions and the improvement of public health.

That's why, every time you stay at the Hotel Punta Leona, you can be assured that you will enjoy all the amenities and entertainment with minimal impact on the ecology.


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