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How to protect metals from corrosion in your beach house

Living on the beach has its charms, but there are also invisible enemies to face, for example, metal corrosion. In order for metal to corrode, it must be exposed to oxygen or air. This process occurs much more quickly in the presence of atmospheric agents such as water and salt, causing this metal’s structure to weaken, acquiring that characteristic texture and color until it ends up being destroyed.

Now ... in order to combat and protect metal furniture from corrosion, the following measures must be taken:

1. Choose the right material, for example, stainless steel and aluminum are materials that do not easily rust.

2. Use a deoxidizer in the initial phase of the corrosion process. Or there is a trick for this same initial phase, which is to apply white vinegar. Leave it on for half an hour and then it rinse off. Use it especially for appliances.

3. Use dehumidifiers at home, they are very practical, and not only prevent against oxidation, but also against the fungus that attacks clothing.

4. Baking soda is another excellent metal antioxidant, make a paste with a little water and apply in oxidized areas.

5. Keep metal furniture and appliances free of grease, dust, or external agents that can cause an oxidation process.

6. Paint the metal surfaces with special paints; this is the most common method of protection. Or as a last resort, cover the objects with special resistant plastics to avoid deterioration.

With these tips you will prevent the oxidation and destruction of your metal furniture and your days at by the sea and beach will be worry free.


Cesar Vargas



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