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How to choose a Snorkel kit?

Snorkeling is an aquatic activity that usually does not involve risk. It is the practice of diving along the water. No license of any kind is necessary, nor is it necessary to be accompanied by a guide. However, it is very important to have a suitable team not only to be able to practice the activity safely but also to be able to enjoy it.

Here are the keys to choosing each part of a snorkel kit:

1. Snorkel glasses or snorkel mask

Allow you to be under the sea for a long time with your eyes open. Not only because it protects them from water and saltpeter, but because it allows you to see more clearly. In fact, some include corrective lenses for those who wear glasses to see out of the water.

The most important thing is that the crystals are good and that the mask and the strap are made of silicone so that they stick perfectly to your face without damaging the skin and fit well, preventing water from entering. It is recommended that the glasses have side vision.

2. Snorkeling fins

The fins are what allow you to slide more efficiently and faster through the water. They allow you, therefore, to dive without moving your arms, so that you get much less tired and you can use your hands to take pictures, for example.

The first thing is to decide if you want flaps or adjustable fins. The former are the most suitable for snorkeling, especially if you are going to do it in warm water areas. Being full-foot fins (covering the entire foot, including the heel) they are like slippers. The adjustable ones, however, adjust with a strap. They are more typical of diving because they allow you to get more power in the kick.

3. Snorkel tube

It is the fundamental piece of snorkeling since it is the one that allows you to keep your head in the water permanently without having to take it out to breathe. In addition, they are designed to withstand brief dives, so if you see something below you that you like or that arouse your curiosity, you can get closer and then return to the surface without having to take your head out of the water at any time.

You should check its flexibility. It must be quite flexible and the angle has to fit well into the mouth. Check that you have a special valve that limits the amount of water entering the tube. That way, after making a dive, a single blow will be enough to expel the water that has got inside.


Cesar Vargas



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