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Beach games to entertain kids

In the sand



You just need; to fill bottles of water or soda with beach sand, a ball and a marked out area. In turns you will be throwing the ball and taking note of the score. Depending on how many of you there are, you can play in teams or individually.

‘Pictionary’ in the sand

For this game there needs to be at least 4 players and to create 2 teams. A team member will tell another of the opposing team what to draw in the arena so that those on their own team guess what it is without words!

The mummy revives

Children are buried in the sand as if they were in a sarcophagus, the more sand there is on them - the better. When the referee is ready to begin, the fastest to get up on their own and get to the water is the winner.


In water


The anchor game

Each player has to bury his feet in the sand in an area where there are waves (of course, without danger). The one who endures the most without the wave knocking them over is the winner.

Relay race with water buckets

For this game it is necessary to have 2 small buckets to fill. Each team will take one of the buckets and place it at a distance of about 3-4 meters from the shore. Then you will have to fill the bucket with the water you are able to carry inside your hands; don't run too much because it will all spill! The team that first manages to fill its bucket first wins.

Wall against the waves

You have to build a wall of sand on the shore as high and as strong as possible so that the waves do not knock it down. You can form teams and have their walls compete to see which one lasts longer.


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