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  • This year Hotel and Club Punta Leona will hoist 8 blue flags

    Feb 06, 2016

    This year we won the new category of ” Neutral Climate Community”


    Hotel and Club Punta Leona has participated in the program for 18 years , since its establishment. This year Hotel and Club Punta Leona will hoist 8 flags for the Ecological Blue Flag Program, an award that certifies through a process of analysis ,
    annual inspections and evaluations, the work we do to
    preserve the environment  and to protect the health and lives of those who visit us.These eight flags make us the organization with the most
    awards received , which undoubtedly assures our members
    and guests, that the ecological footprint , that impact that our
    tourism operation generates in the environment, is minimal.

    Highlights this year that our hotel won the prize in the category of   ” Neutral Climate Community”, being the only company to receive it this year. This prize seeks to consider gas emissions with  greenhouse effects in the organization , that causes global warming in the community, and then make
    reduction actions , removal and compensation of these gases with
    the objective of neutralizing emissions and become ” Neutral Climate Community”

    The sum of all the communities neutral climate will achieve to turn the country into ” Carbon Neutral by 2021 .”
    Playa Blanca also won again the top prize of 5 stars,  being the only beach in the central pacific with this distinction.
    These are the categories in which the blue flag was received:

    Beaches (Blanca, Mantas and Limoncito)


    Natural Protected Spaces  (Wildlife Refuge Punta Leona)

    Neutral Climate Community

    Actions to confront change

    Promotion of Community Health ( First Aid Medical Services)

    In Hotel And Club Punta Leona  exist a commitment to continuous improvement to provide our members and guests a differentiated experience and especially fully responsible . We are proud to contribute in preserving the planet, and we also invite you to contribute in you area  to assure your children a better country which we have already enjoyed