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  • Why Costa Rica?

    Do you need a good reason to vacation in Costa Rica? Perhaps we can give you some to stay in Hotel & Club Punta Leona...
    • The best white sand beaches
    • Breathtaking views
    • Direct contact with nature
    • and a full Costa Rican experience

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  • Sustainable Development Certificate (SDC)

    Apr 29, 2016

    What is it?

     The SDC credits businesses by the degree that their operations promote and maintain a balance between their economical, environmental, and social factors; without compromising the resources of the future generations.

     What does it evaluate?

     It focuses on four fields of study:

    a.     Physical-biological surroundings: Evaluates the interaction between the business and the natural area that surrounds (treatment of water wastes, protection of the flora and fauna, within other things).

    b.     Service plant: Evaluates the systems and internal processes of the business (management of wastes, purchase and usage of products that are environmental friendly, within other things).

    c.      Outside client: Evaluates the actions that the business does to let people know and involve the client in the sustainability plan; within other things).

    d.     Socioeconomic aspect: Evaluates the business’ identification and interaction with the adjacent communities (employment opportunities and other direct and indirect benefits for the community, etc.)

    Due to the participation of our hotel in the Sustainable Development certificate, among other actions:


    ·      We avoid the release of CO2.

    ·      We manage programs of reforestation and conservation of natural species.

    ·      We separate and give responsible final disposal of the waste that we produce.

    ·      We work with programs for saving water, electricity and paper.

    ·      We incorporate the buying and usage of biodegradable products or environmentally friendly.

    ·      We invite clients to participate in programs for sustainability and to know the rich nature of this country without causing any social and environmental impacts.

    ·      We give security measures to our clients.

    ·      We hire and train the neighbors of our community.

    ·      We promote the traditions and customs of this country, the consumption of typical food and national artisan work.

    SDC is supported by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism


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