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    • The best white sand beaches
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  • Press Releases

    Apr 30, 2016

    Hotel and Club Punta Leona receive prize to the Tourist Industry 2011 as the best Beach Hotel

    Hotel and Club Punta Leona received this past Wednesday October 05, 2011 the prize to the Tourist Industry 2011 “Luis Paulino Jiménez” in the category of Beach Hotel, given by the National Camera of Tourism  (CANATUR), whose recognition tries to stimulate the quality of those who they integrate and they guard for the development of the sector.

    “This recognition takes even more importance because they awarded the labor to a company that has 100% of Costa Rican capital and that has a consolidated trajectory in the field.

    “Through the years we obtained a balance between the business and the protection of the natural resources and we continued resisting the economic crisis that has strike this sector strongly and even so, we maintain a list of more than 300 employees, making us one of the best employers of the zone and we stay effective and innovating after more than 35 years of constant work “, mentioned Boris Gordienko, sub General Manager of Hotel Punta Leona.

    At the moment Hotel Punta Leona participates in 4 categories of the Program Blue Ecological Flag:  two in Green Flag and one Seal of Sanitary Quality. In addition it has 4 leaves of the Certificate of Tourist Sustainability, adhered to the Code of Conduct against the sexual exploitation. It also has a Program of Social responsibility by means of which they have been seeded more than 80 thousands trees, conserved the Red Lapa, promote environmental education with schools of the zone, etc.

    This award looks to recognize the great contribution that the companies have developed in infrastructure, generation of employment and sustainability,turning them in  a fundamental economic motor for the country, thanks to tenacious and constant effort of the industrialists..

    For more information contact Caesar Vargas at 2587-1019 or 8825-8597.


    Punta Leona Nature

    Blanca Beach in Punta Leona is the first and only beach in the country to receive the category 4 stars in the program “Bandera Azul Ecológica”.

    Punta Leona continues its efforts to protect the Red Macaw whose habitat is the Central Pacific.

    Punta Leona awards the winning children of a painting competition organized by the MEP (Ministry of Education) and Punta Leona.

    Social and Environmental Responsibility

    Punta Leona has incorporated into its business culture and operations the constant support to improve neighboring communities. We are always searching for ways to improve society and the environment.

    esfuerzos2For more than 10 years, we have maintained and been an esential part of the support system to the surrounding communities. We work towards improving the quality of life,  encouraging environmental education and educational improvement for the boys and girls of the area. We also work towards the protection of the environment and the care of the flora and fauna.