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    • The best white sand beaches
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    • Direct contact with nature
    • and a full Costa Rican experience

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  • Hotel & Club Punta Leona – Sustainability Award

    Feb 12, 2016

    Hotel & Club Punta Leona awarded with a Certificate of Sustainability

    The Costa Rican Tourism  Institute has awarded Hotel & Club Punta Leona with the Fourth level of Tourism Sustainability Certificate (CST)  placing him within the best of the country.

    The efforts that we have put to become a company that Seth  the example in terms of Sustainability, has being awarded this week by the ICT with a promotion from the second to  the fourth level of the Certificate of Touristic Sustainability (CST), recognition that works like an incentive granted to hotels that develop healthy environmental practices.

    This it is a quality seal that credits to the tourist companies that integrate the environmental factor in their operation: handling of natural resources, handling of remainders, water handling for human consumption, ecological promotion and preservation of the surroundings, among others.

    The program tries to categorize and to certify the tourist companies in agreement with the degree in which its operation comes near to a sustainability model .

    For this four fundamental scopes are evaluated:

    1. Physical-biological surroundings : It evaluates the interaction between the company and surrounding natural means, interest in the implementation of policies and programs of sustainability, protection of environment, among others.

    2. Plant on watch (This scope corresponds to Establishments of Lodging): Aspects related to the systems and internal processes of the company are evaluated, as far as the handling of remainders and the use of technologies for the light saving and water.

    2. Management of the service (This scope corresponds to Operating Tour Agencies): It includes/understands the process by means of which, the company considering all the exogenous and endogenous elements, design an agreed tourist product with the tendencies of the market and the own characteristics of the country and the localities in where it is going away to operate the product.

    3. Client: The battles are evaluated that the management conducts to invite the client to participate in the implementation of the policies of sustainability of the company.

    4. Socioeconomic surroundings : One evaluates the identification and interaction of the establishment with the adjacent communities, analyzing itself for example, the degree in which the tourist companies respond to the growth and development of the region, by means of the generation of use or the profit of benefits for the collectivity.

    Obtaining the fourth level guarantees that we fulfilled more of 80% of the established conditions being considered like unit in sustainability terms, that are towards the path we want to go.