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  • Bandera Azul Ecológica

    Apr 30, 2016

    Punta Leona Nature

    What is it?

    It is and initiative for local organizational committees, communities, and educational centers along the beach coasts to foment development together with the protection of natural resources, to search for better sanitary hygiene, and to improve Costa Rican public health.

    Who awards it?

    Government institutions related to enviromental health or tourist developments:
    Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AyA), Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (ICT), Ministerio de Ambiente y Energía (MINAE), Ministerio de Salud, Ministerio de Educación Pública (MEP), and Cámara Nacional de Turismo (CANATUR).

    What do coastal communities evaluate?

    • Quality of the sea water
    • Quality of water for consumer use
    • Management of waste
    • Management of litter
    • Treatment of waste
    • Environmental education
    • Security and administration

    What do the non-coastal communities evaluate?

    • Quality of water for consumer use
    • Solid waste disposal
    • Management of sewage
    • Road and tourist signs
    • Environmental education
    • Attention to human health
    • Management of industrial waste
    • Protection of water sources

    Bandera Azul Ecológica Program in Punta Leona: A way of life

    For more than 8 years we have offered our visitors a vacational area in harmony with nature, surrounded by clear and safe beaches. Punta Leona’s staff consists of a security committee for the beaches Blanca, Mantas, and Limoncito to reinforce the Bandera Azul program. This award signifies not only a way of life but also a responsibility to environment and a constant search for improvement.

    The time and effort spent on health, nature, environmental education, and a quality of life has generated a change of attitude within Punta Leona. A series of environmental programs have created an awareness for improvement in daily activities, work, and free time pleasures among the committee members (beach members and community members).

    Thanks to Bandera Azul Ecológica we have begun to take action towards improvement in operations within our installations. This program has motivated technological innovations and a redesign of our internal procedures with positive results within and outside our community.

    Presently Punta Leona and its beaches Limoncito, Mantas, and Blanca have the exclusive honor of 4 stars in Costa Rica.

    Our work in beaches

    • To protect and supply quality drinking water
    • To prevent and eliminate inorganic waste
    • To control and promote the treatment of industrial and domestic waste from being dumped into the ocean
    • To promote and educate environmentally by means of conferences, cleanup campaigns, and reforestation in communities and schools
    • To upkeep signs along the beaches for the orientation of the visitors
    • To improve vigilance and life-guarding to protect visitors and residents

    Our work in the communities

    • To administrate and protect natural resources promoting basic health and environmental programs
    • To police adequate removal of liquid and solid waste of the community
    • To upkeep signs along the beaches for tourist orientation
    • To protect natural resources and water
    • To promote police security
    • To develop environmental programs to generate environmental consciousness in visitors and residents.