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  • Company Social Responsibility

    Feb 07, 2016

    Hotel and Club Punta Leona is Socially Responsible :

    Hotel and Club Punta Leona S.A. in its business culture, operations and actvities adopted and reflect a Socially Responsible Vision . We maintain the constant commitment to improve and train our employees and neighboring communities. Since our beginning, more than 36 years ago, we have taken action in the community where we are located in support of the environment. In addition we were one of the first sources of employment in the area of Garabito, Puntarenas. For this company the aspect of conservation and sustainable development are priorities in all projects such as maintaining, protecting and increasing a balanced environment.

    ISO-9001-2008: We have the Certification ISO-9001-2008 that guarantees our clients
    excellent service by our staff and a high efficiency in the company’s activities.
    Bandera Azul Ecológica: Thanks to the efforts made in the harmonious development with environment we are proud to say that we are leaders nationally in the Program Bandera Azul Ecológica (PBAE). This program evaluates the efforts and growth of the communities in accordance with the environment. We participate in the categories of beach, community, protected natural areas, and efforts in confronting the climatic change.

    Presently we have the following banderas azules:
    1.  Playa Blanca, Five Stars (maximum category)
    2.  Playa Mantas, One Star
    3.  Playa Limoncito, One Star
    4.  Punta Leona Community, Two Stars
    5.  Wildlife Refuge of Punta Leona, Three Stars (maximum category)
    6.   Efforts in confronting the climatic change (maximum category)

    Certification for Sustainable Tourism (CST):
    We have two. CST is an incentive that is given to hotels that develop environmental
    procedures. It is a stamp of quality that accredits tourism companies that integrate the
    environmental factor in its operation: the management of natural resources, waste
    management, fresh water management, environmental promotion and the preservation of its surroundings among others.

    Bandera Verde: This award evaluates the environmental efforts of hotels and restaurants. Presently we have the following banderas verdes:
    1. In Hotel and Club Punta Leona, Five Stars (maximum category)
    2. In Carabelas Restaurant Five Stars (maximum category)
    Bandera Blanca: The aqueduct of Hotel and Club Punta Leona has the award known as the Stamp of Quality Sanitation. It is an incentive awarded by the Instituto Costarricense de Acueductos y Alcantarillados (AyA) (the Costa Rican Water Company), to those companies that make the effort in supplying and maintaining the best quality of water to its population.

    Protection of the Species
    1. Care of the Red Macaw nests: More than 20 years ago we began a study of the Red
    Macaws in the zone. We had periodical counts that collected significant data for the
    understanding of said bird; among other factors, the conditions of their natural nests
    were not optimal so artificial nests were built and are now frequented by the bird
    allowing free reproduction. Because of this we spend more than 1000 hours in the
    care of these nests to avoid poaching.
    2. Playa Blanca Marine Marshland: In 1994 Playa Blanca was declared Marine Marshland protected by decree from MINAE. This marshland is rocky and to protect it, it was marked with the objective of identifying its exact site to the people. We have trained
    personnel who watch this zone to avoid activities that could disrupt the zone such as
    removal of shells, rocks, plants, or animals; littering, or entering the zone with
    motorized vehicles that contaminate and generate noise. We also have a program for
    the care of the marine turtles that visit Playa Mantas and/or Playa Blanca to lay eggs.
    We care for the nests from predators until the eggs hatch.
    3. Butterfly Farm: This constitutes an example of sustainable use of the natural
    resources and in harmony with touristic development. It represents a viable
    alternative for the protection of its habitat and has become a valuable tool for
    educational programs in environment.
    4. Punta Leona Private Wildlife Refuge: Hotel and Club Punta Leona possesses one of
    the most important reserves in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica, for its geographical
    location and conservation plans. It covers an area of 20 hectares of primary and
    secondary forest and was declared Wildlife Refuge by MINAE. It is of great biological
    importance because it is one of the few areas that presently remain in the Transition
    Zone between the dry tropical forest of the North Pacific and the humid tropical
    forest of the South Pacific.

    Reforestation Project
    Reforestation is a serious topic in our company. For more than 10 years we have invested
    important resources to make it sustainable. Our main purpose is to contribute with better
    quality air, counterattack the effects of climatic change, capture CO2, recharge the natural springs, restore areas in forests, conserve the biodiversity of the natural resources and principally elevate the quality of life of those habitants of Garabito.
    It is because of this that we have planted more than 60,000 trees in the last five years, an
    average of 50 trees per day. The planting has been done in beaches, communities,
    educational centers and in our installations with native species such as coconut trees, almond, lorito, gallinazo, among many others. Our program has two sides: planting and donations, the last being an important factor in promoting the protection of resources in educational centers, public institutions and even private companies.

    Campaigns against Dengue
    For more than ten years our company has worked hard to eradicate dengue in the Central
    Pacific zone. We carry out a permanent campaign against the mosquito Aedes aegypti, with the help of the Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social (CCSS) and the Ministerio de Salud(Ministry of Health). Our greatest effort has been with cleanup and fumigation campaigns in neighboring communities.

    Educational Program for Environment

    The consolidation of Hotel and Club Punta Leona as a company that makes a great effort in pro of the environment is each day more. Year by year we open new horizons towards a conservation vision in elementary and secondary schools as only through children can we significantly improve our country. These are three of our principle activities:
    1. Children’s Painting Contest: Supported by the MEP we hold painting contests with
    students of primary public schools in the Cantón de Garabito (a total of 14
    educational centers). The objective is to promote in a lucid way, the commitment
    that humans have with environment. We have the support of a distinguished jury
    represented by Isidro Con Wong, an outstanding national painter
    2. Educational Tours in the Butterfly Farm of Punta Leona: With the theme Workshops for Children Who Love Nature, this program is directed towards 4th grade children with the objective to form the student thru experience. The tour is given by our
    nature guide and the students have the opportunity to know the world of butterflies
    and their growth process.
    3. Educational Tours in the Marshland of Playa Blanca: With the theme Workshops for Children Who Love Nature, this program is directed towards 6th grade children with
    the objective to form the student thru experience. The tour is given by our marine
    biologist and the students have the opportunity to know the importance of our marine

    Recycling is not only good for the environment; it is also good for health and financial well being. We separate organic waste and recycle aluminum, plastic, glass, paper, and nontraditional waste such as printer cartridges among others. We also encourage our clients and staff to separate waste in the distinctive containers that exist throughout our installations for that purpose.

    Reuse of Treated Water for Irrigation
    In Hotel and Club Punta Leona we understand that treated water is a valuable resource that with correct measures in sanitation and with the appropriate disinfection process can be reused. Therefore we have an adequate system essential for the use of irrigation. With this reuse we avoid many problems that occur by draining into rivers or the sea.

    Savings Campaign
    We maintain a strict program that creates consciousness directed towards our clients and
    staff focused on the saving of water, energy, paper consumption, use of aerosols and the
    decrease of fuels.

    Beach Clean-ups
    Daily we clean and collect waste in Playa Mantas and Playa Blanca, in order to offer hygienic, clean, and attractive places to our visitors. Monthly we have clean-ups in our neighboring beaches. Each year together with municipal entities, primary and secondary schools we participate in Clean-up Campaigns in the beaches of Tárcoles, Agujas, Azul and Jacó with the objective of diminishing waste caused by the mouth of the River Tárcoles, one of the most contaminated rivers in the country.

    Support for neighboring towns Every year we have activities in neighboring communities that go from sponsoring events and civic celebrations, support and donations in educational centers and associations for development, to the hlding of cultural activities in town squares and community buildings.
    This is a program designed to promote good sustainable practices with our clients and staff. SMART® TRAVEL has two objectives: on an internal level where environmental, civic and social values are promoted to the staff and on an external level which is promoting responsibility to our tourism visitors thru TOUR SMART® TRAVEL that consists in four days of visits to schools, Spanish classes, typical local cooking classes, typical local dance classes, beach clean-ups, and the planting of trees.

    Support for foundations and civic associations
    We collaborate with nonprofit public and private organizations with the objective of
    benefitting the needy such as the case of the Program for the Special Olympics Costa Rica, the Foundation Caritas Felices, Hogares de Ancianos (Home for the Aged) and other institutions on a regional and national level.

    Asociation Sentido Verde
    With the objective of maintaining and improving programs for the community of our company, we created the Asociation Sentido Verde, a nonprofit institution that has as its objective the contribution towards sustainable development between man and his environment. This is accomplished through personal and institutional donations. The destination of this help is decided by a strict process of evaluation to guarantee the best resource and benefit to the community and also other institutions that collaborate in humanitarian causes and environmental protection. We form alliances and synergies with other institutions that believe and practice our philosophy. We also have campaigns to raise funds to benefit organizations with a social or environmental cause.

    Responsibility to our staff
    The staff that works in Hotel and Club Punta Leona is what makes our company successful.Thanks to the efforts of almost 300 employees, this organization fulfills its annual goals. For this reason we have a series of activities that directly benefits the employees such as: health fairs for personnel and their families, continuous training programs of help in the case of illness, a company doctor, nutritional programs, and motivation programs, among others.