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  • Why Costa Rica?

    Do you need a good reason to vacation in Costa Rica? Perhaps we can give you some to stay in Hotel & Club Punta Leona...
    • The best white sand beaches
    • Breathtaking views
    • Direct contact with nature
    • and a full Costa Rican experience

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  • “Home”

    May 04, 2015
    5 of 5 stars Reviewed Aug 20th, 2014

    The basis of my trip was for a study abroad and so by the end of my trip, totaling 3 weeks, I knew the place almost as if it was my home. The two beaches (yes two beaches) located on the resort were amazing. You can go snorkeling, fishing with their fisherman (we caught a 25 pound King Mackerel that was cooked for us later that night to eat at dinner), kayaking, put putting, and going to the pool. All of these things are at the hotel itself. It makes you feel like you are in a small town where everything you want to do is provided. The cleaning service was also just as great. Whenever we came back from either a long day of working or at the beach the room would be cleaned and any clothes that you needed to be washed were given to you by the end of the day. They cleaned clothes better than my mom and when I came back one day they had even washed off the sand from my sandals. For meals, we ate every meal at the resort and it was always excellent. The monkeys would often come and visit for breakfast and lunch. In the end I have nothing bad to say. If you were on the fence of staying here or not I hope this review convinced you, because Punta Leona is the best experience I have ever gotten at a hotel.

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