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  • Why Costa Rica?

    Do you need a good reason to vacation in Costa Rica? Perhaps we can give you some to stay in Hotel & Club Punta Leona...
  • The best white sand beaches
  • Breathtaking views
  • Direct contact with nature
  • and a full Costa Rican experience
  • What are you waiting for?

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    Good rooms, nice property, enormous ceibo tree, don’t miss wildlife!

    Aug 28, 2014

    Reviewed December 3, 2012

    I enjoyed very much the two nights I spent here as part of a group trip. Our group stayed in a section of rooms named Venezuela after one of the lands Columbus discovered. The rooms are spacious, comfortable, quite modern, with good bathrooms attached. There was a basket of fruit to welcome me and chocolates on my pillow at night. The grounds are huge, with access to a beach (and their own bus service to get there). They appear to be in the process of building even more rooms, apparently condos. There are pretty paths and roads leading through a tropical forest environment to the restaurant, reception, the chapel (closed except for Saturday evening service), and a nice little butterfly garden.

    On an early morning walk I saw morpho butterflies (in the wild as well as the enclosed garden), scarlet macaws, and a troupe of spider monkeys in a tree near my room. The ancient, huge ceibo tree, preserved near the chapel, is a marvel. But the restaurant is, to my mind, the reason to be here, and a lot of Costa Rican children there apparently felt the same way. There is a good variety of food offered at the buffet, most of it so-so in my opinion, but the place is surrounded, in the slopes outside the open-air fenced seating areas and the rafters and netting overhead, with raccoon-like coatis and capuchin monkeys who are there to steal your meal. If you don’t mind the entertainment aspects overtaking the culinary aspects, this is a show not to be missed. Watching these sly and greedy animals was one of the most memorable parts of my trip to Costa Rica.

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    Coatis and monkeys, up close and personal

    Aug 28, 2014

    Reviewed December 20, 2012
    Huge property, beautiful setting, shuttle buses to get from point A to the various others. Smaller beach and pool on the property, beautiful white sand beach (Playa Blanca) reachable by shuttle (and you’ll know why you didn’t walk when you take the shuttle) that runs every half hour. Butterfly garden and scarlet macaws on the property, as well as highly skilled thieving troops of monkeys and coati mundis who will get your copious, delicious breakfast faster than you can turn around and think about going for more coffee. Food was outstanding for all meals, as long as you kept a wary eye on your plate. At Playa Blanca, it’s the monkeys and raccoons who covet your stuff, so leave no snack untended. Well worth the visit.

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