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  • Why Costa Rica?

    Do you need a good reason to vacation in Costa Rica? Perhaps we can give you some to stay in Hotel & Club Punta Leona...
    • The best white sand beaches
    • Breathtaking views
    • Direct contact with nature
    • and a full Costa Rican experience

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  • Fun in Punta

    Feb 09, 2016

    Reviewed October 16, 2012- Source: TripAdvisor

    My girlfriend and I visited Punta Leona with a groupon . Our experience was very positive…the staff most gracious and accommodating….the hotel itself is very relaxing albeit a tad bit worn….it seems it could use a bit of updating and renovation BUT this should not stop anyone (other than the most persnickety) from a visit,,,,the property itself is absolutely gorgeous…since the resort has been there since the early ’80’s the vegetation is quite mature and lush….also they are very aware of keeping the ecology of the area….hence planting of almond trees, the preferred food of the scarlet macaws….which we saw many of and heard too….the breakfast buffet is outstanding as are the critters that visit you while eating….don’t leave your plate unattended though , you will lose your food to white faced monkeys or a coati or raccoon….animals everywhere BUT the highlight was the night tour with local guide ALEX…..he is a walking encyclopedia on Costa Rican nature….after about 1/2 hour walk into the jungle, ALEX stopped dead in his tracks and his flashlight stopped on one of the most deadly snakes in the world…the FER DE LANCE….this was a big one about 1-1/2 meter in length….the snake was coiled but a spectacle to photograph…but being the true professional he was ALEX reversed our steps and we left the snake to his own environment and we 7 tourists returned to our environment too….but what a sight to see!!!!!

    Staying at this resort is worth it to have the services of ALEX if you want to know and see nature in its most spectacular naturalness…if he doesn’t know something, he confesses that lack of knowledge …..he is a no nonsense dedicated student and scholar of nature….ask for him specifically ALEX….he is the best!!!!!!!!