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  • Why Costa Rica?

    Do you need a good reason to vacation in Costa Rica? Perhaps we can give you some to stay in Hotel & Club Punta Leona...
    • The best white sand beaches
    • Breathtaking views
    • Direct contact with nature
    • and a full Costa Rican experience

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  • Nature Walks

    Feb 13, 2016

    At Hotel Punta Leona in Costa Rica, you to have the opportunity to learn about our beautiful and fascinating flora and fauna by participating in the guided walks daily (except Tuesdays) offered for free by our bilingual naturalist.


    Early Bird Walk

    Departure time: 6:15 AM
    (Duration: approx. 2½ hours)

    Enjoy the exciting experience of an early morning walk through Tropical Forest. You will see and learn about some of the beautiful, exotic birds of the area. Our reserve has five special birding locations. Each one is visited during a five day cycle of morning walks. The areas are: Limoncito Beach road, Pipra Trail, Paso de Los Monos Trail, Los Cusingos road and the Insect Observatory site.

    Natural History Walk

    Departure time: 10:00 AM
    (Duration aprox. 2 hours)

    This easy walk will introduce you to the world of nature that we left a long time ago. With the help of our guide, you will learn about the botany, animals and insects found in the area.

    Night Walk

    Departure time: 7:30 PM
    (Duration: approx. 1½ hours)

    Night time provides an exciting opportunity to view the interaction between a wide variety of the flora and fauna found in tropical rainforests. There is a large number of nocturnal amphibians, reptiles and mammals such as owls, pauraques, bats and kinajous that can be observed. Also, fragrances of flowers such as the pithaya cactus flower and insects can be very prevalent at night. This walk on the trails of Punta Leona’s Reserve lasts approximately 2 hours. The objective is to learn about and experience nature from a perspective that incorporates all senses.

    Daily Walk, Sign up information and recommendations:


    Reservations should be made at least a day in advance at the front desk.

    • Bring long pants, water, hiking shoes, poncho, if during the rainy season (April – December), binoculars, camera with a flash and insect repellent (flashlight necessary for night walk).
    • Maximum number of participants for walks is 15 people.
    • Walks are free.
    • Walks begin at the hotel reception area.
    • Wednesday walks are in Spanish only.
    • The following trails are walkers and hikers only: Los Gigantes, Pipra, Trogones, and Santuario. Camino Limoncito and Paso Los Monos are also open for bicycles.
    • The collection of plants, animals and/or insects is not permitted.
    • It is better to take any of our guided walks before you go by yourself.
    • Trail maps are available at the hotel front desk, as well as optional nature tour information.